Friday, 8 July 2011

Why you need one way links and different ways to collect back links for your site

Whether you are targeting higher ranking in major search engines or more online exposure to grab attention of your targeted visitors, you have to concentrate on your site's link popularity. Building quality one way links not only ensures more targeted traffic but enhances your site's online exposure which in turn helps you to establish your brand. It is undeniable that with ever-increasing competition for higher ranking in search engines it's the link popularity factor that determines a site's quality in the eye of SE's.

But link building service without compromising any quality of back links has never been an easy task and in most of the vases people usually either loose interest to build more links for their website or get frustrated and ultimately they secure only a handful of links which in no way help their website sustain it's competition over SERP.

Here I am going discuss some of the widely known and easy link building procedures with my readers so that you can incorporate these into your link building campaign and generate a good amount of quality back links by yourself.

Ways to collect one way links: Getting one way links is not an easy task as they need high quality standards, consistency, continuous efforts and enough time. But there is nothing to worry about because the internet provides us sufficient ideas and suggestions that come from experts regarding one way link building service, beyond following these you can also read some e-books or e-guides on article marketing, SEO (search engine optimization) and link building. As an expert I’ve tested different types of link building strategies over the years and discover few ways that will surely help you to collect one way links easily and quickly, as much as possible. These ways are as followed:

1. Collecting links by creating subsites or blogs using Web 2.0 platform:
Using Web 2.0 platform you can create several subsites or blogs for your main site. These sites are created on Squidoo, Hub pages like authority platforms which are valued by leading search engines. These blogs should contain relevant, fresh keyword optimized content. Since the backlinks coming from these subsites are content oriented, therefore these backlinks will be greatly by major SEs.

2. Use social networking sites to collect backlinks:
You should have participate to different social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. Try to make lots of online friends and involve them to establish link relationship with you. Make them realize how important it is.

3. Collect three way links from relevant websites:
It is true that most of the time SEs prefer one way links for determining the credibility of a site, but this is really a tough job as it consumes lots of time. It's better to follow the three way link exchange procedure from niche sites; and select keywords with varied anchor texts within the relevant content. You should focus especially on relevant web pages and blog posts as well. It can be a fine idea if you can collect links from the pages where your competitors have left their links also.

4. Syndicating fresh articles:
You can negotiate with other webmasters for placing your article in their own sites; it can be a great way to collect relevant links for your website. Similarly you can also give them opportunity to print their articles on the relevant web pages from your own site just like the three way link exchange procedure.

5. Collect signature links while participating in relevant forums:
You can place your links in forum post. In these forums you can discuss a relevant issue with the members; and you can also make them aware of the topic of a relevant page from your website. Using your links in your account signature is also a good idea to generate more organic traffic as well as to get free links.

6. Collect links while posting comments on niche blogs and news pages:
The another effective way is to browse for the blogs that provide “Dofollow” links; and add there a suitable comment which should be relevant to the post. It will surely help you to get free links. You can take help from “dofollow searcher tools”. As maximum comment links are created with “nofollow” tag, these tools would definitely help you to find links that are trusted by the SEs.

7. Links from blog posting:
Today, as blogs are considered to be the most significant and successful web 2.0 platforms that could increase your online visibility, you must submit your blog in these blog directories. It will surely help you to get quality links for your site.

8. Links from press release sites:
You can release various news stuffs for your site or the news related to any niche industry in other press release websites. Though these sites charge some bucks for placing links on them, you will own a well exposure on the web; and you can also get some free links.

9. Collect one way links from web directories:
Submitting website in free web directories is another easiest way for getting one way links. In those web directories each link is reviewed by the authority members before making it active. You may find most of these free directories that have low page rank or even no page rank, but don't think them useless because if they acquire considerable PR then they wouldn't free anymore.

10. Incorporate link baiting strategies:
Create something compelling for the people who can take interest in your topic and talk about it to other website owners, discuss it on various forums and also start blogging about it. Through these you can automatically get backlinks from other websites. Remember this is a tough job as it is hard for you to know what exactly other people will prefer to.

So, if you’re thinking how to start a one way link building campaign for your site then don't waste your time. There are lots of easy ways such as article submission, comment posting and submitting your website on major web directories through which you can start collecting links for your website.


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