Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Web 2.0 Properties and Link Wheel Service - These two key off page optimization components can benefit your business

The virtual world is constantly changing. Therefore it is highly imperative for online business owners to develop or adopt new techniques in order to adapt to the rapidly changing scenario. New techniques are constantly emerging in the SEO field; web 2.0 properties is the latest technique that is being put to use these days to boost your business. Now the question might arise as to what is the need to use web2.0 properties. You have a website, you have done on page and off page optimization for this site. You have got your site some decent page rank. But you can optimize your page up to a limit while your competitors are also trying their best to rank higher. So you will need an alternative path or channel, to boost up your main site. Web 2.0 properties provide you with that alternative channel.

What are web 2.0 properties : Technically this refers to the second generation of the web which facilitates content sharing among sites. There are sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages which offer a platform; using which, several branches of your site in the form of sub sites can be created. Each of these sites will contain unique content relevant to your product, service or brand. Any thing, and everything related to your site could be on these sites. These small sites performs as a booster for your site's ranking when you filled them up with keyword optimized content along with one or two hyperlinked keywords pointing towards your main site. So web pages created thus will be the web2.0 properties of your main site. A set of web2.0 properties created this way can boost your business in more ways than one. These properties (also known as blogs) not only boost your SERP but also create extra opportunity to market your product from different platform rather than your own site.

Why web 2.0 properties is so beneficial : This technique offers multidimensional benefits. To begin with these sites will contain fresh, unique and key word optimized content. Therefore back links coming from these sites will be of great value as leading major search engines places great value on content oriented back links. Secondly, these sites are created using the platform of authority sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages; these authority sites being esteemed by search engines will enhance credibility level of your web 2.0 properties, so they have a better chance of getting indexed in search engines. Thirdly, these web 2.0 properties act as alternative channels of promoting your service, product or brand. Before these properties you had your site alone, for showcasing your product or service. Now you have several sites in the form of web 2.0 properties. These sites will have unique content, highlighting a particular feature of your brand, while the links will point to that relevant page of your site. Thus, your product or service page will gain maximum online exposure, which is essential for your business. Fourthly, this technique will increase organic traffic. Suppose your site is on sports equipments. you have created using link wheel service web 2.0 properties for promotion of your products. You have prepared fresh key word optimized articles, blogs on your product. These articles have been syndicated to article sites blogs have been posted to relevant sites. Press releases also have been syndicated to leading news and press release sites. A potential customer looking for information on soccer equipment will read up blogs, articles and for more information will come to your main site through the links provided there. Here web2.0 properties by providing relevant information will not only up your credibility level but also interest the customer in finding out more about your service. This way your target traffic also increases.

What is link wheel : A Link wheel is nothing but a A group of interlinked web 2.0 properties which contain fresh relevant & key word optimized content highlighting a particular service or product page of the main site while the first and last property will be pointing towards the page of the main site containing that feature. You have a main site, when you create the first web 2.0 property will point your main site; the second property or sub site will point to first site along with main site and so on and so forth,but they must be interlinked and point to each other along with pointing to the main site.. So the process will continue in a circular or chain like pattern.

How link wheel service can boost your sites ranking : Besides having benefits of web 2.0 properties the other benefits that link wheel offers are- These interlinked properties from authority sites will highlight your particular service or product page and as a result your online visibility goes up significantly.

Secondly these sites come from authority sites so when these are optimized they go high up the SERP. These sites not only possesses a greater chance of getting indexed by search engines fast but also have higher probability of being well ranked in search engines. In the process, the ultimate focus lies on your desired service or product page through so many alternative platforms from authority sites, that results in positioning your page high on the search engines.

Thirdly, with a successful and organized link wheel campaign you can reach a vast segment of web world through web 2.0 properties, which will be filled up with fresh and keyword optimized articles based on your page. And this process will help you to reach a greater amount of people around the web world which will establish your brand value to web mass.

How to create link wheel using web2.0 properties : There are authority sites like Squidoo, Hub Pages, Live journal, Quizilla, Face etc;using these platforms multiple small sites will be created. Each of the pages will have fresh unique content, about the product, service or brand along with keywords placed strategically acting as back links to main sites and to other web 2.0 properties of the main site. These sites will be posted to social bookmarking sites. The ideal thing would be not to create such properties in quick succession;in between creating such properties try creating and posting unique, key word optimized blogs,articles or press releases about your brand on relevant sites. These sites for being content rich fresh sites, search engines will index them faster than old sites.

So, a proper link wheel service created using web2.0 Properties can boost your business in multidimensional way. We here at I.M .Technologies offer different link wheel packages, you can choose one that suits your business best.

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  14. The virtual world is constantly changing. Therefore it is highly imperative for online business owners to develop or adopt new techniques in order to adapt to the rapidly changing scenario. Web 2.0 Properties